Rare Earth Metal Exchange Ltd

All of the metals we hold for our Institutional Investors and brokerages are inspected by our metallurgists and certified with a purity rating. We only deal in metals with 99% purity or higher, and all metals are sealed in vacuum sealed plastic to protect the metal from oxidation.

Of the 5 metals we are advising clients to hold, Erbium, Yttrium, Dysprosium will show no signs of oxidation when exposed to air for an extended period of time.

Neodymium will show signs of oxidation when exposed to air after about 30 days. This metal is transported and stored in vacuum sealed plastic bags.

In the case of Europium which quickly oxidizes if exposed to air, the metal is sealed in custom made toughened plastic filled with Argon an inert gas which ensures 0% oxidation of the metal.

The above measures are taken to remove the inherent risk that comes with some of the metals we trade, in order to protect our clients return on investment.

Shipping/ Storage

All Metals purchased from the Rare Earth Metal Exchange, are fully insured during transport from our partner in China to the U.K. We advise our clients to hold their metals at our custom facility within the HMRC Bonded Warehouse in Nottingham. Metals held in storage are fully insured to current market values.

Clients do not have to hold their metals at our bonded facility, and if preferred, direct ownership of metals can be arranged. However VAT will be applicable on metals arriving in the U.K. that are not held at our bonded facility.