About Us
Rare Earth Metal Exchange Ltd

The Rare Earth Metal Exchange is a London based company that was created to give private and institutional investors the opportunity to capitalize on the exceptional returns on offer in the rare earth metal market.

Formed in 2012 by a consortium of leading industry advisors and alternative investment specialists, The Rare Earth Metal Exchange was the first company in the world to show Rare Earth Metals prices in pounds sterling. With over 50 years combined experience in alternative investment arena The Rare Earth Metal Exchange have a streamlined approach to tangible assets and solid proven opinions on how to beat the market averages and realise impressive capital growth.

The senior brokers at The Rare Earth Metal Exchange identify the ‘best opportunities’ in their sectors with a rigorous due diligence process carried out on all recommended investment projects. This includes extensive research and analysis, market comparisons and purity testing, and ensures all metals presented to investors have undergone a robust selection process.